Emeka Ogboh: LOS – RAK

Open 20 February – 24 February
During 1-54 Marrakech, DADA inaugurates its exhibition space dedicated to contemporary creation and presents an unprecedented installation by the Nigerian artist Emeka Ogboh. Assembling works from the Lagos Soundscapes project, together with sound compositions created from recordings captured in the Marrakech Medina, the installation fits within the research and work led by the artist investigating the history and aural infrastructures of cities. The exhibition presents an association of sounds and visuals from the urban environment, exploring the artist’s interest in cities as critical places of neoliberal modernity. Emeka Ogboh explores the way in which sound captures the existential relations, frame our comprehension of the world, and provide a context in which to pose critical questions about immigration, globalization, and post-colonialism.

Photos by Emeka Ogboh

Sound Engineering by Justin Geller