FOTO CLUB – LED Dancefloor

Foto Club is a private nightclub in Philadelphia, PA (USA). Ricardo Rivera of Klip Collective was tasked by club owner Jon Redden to come up with an idea for an LED light up dancefloor, inspired by 70s disco clubs but updated to the 21st century. The floor is lit by individually addressable 12v WS2811 LED strips that line the border of each 16 x 16 inch square and is covered by 3/4 inch thick, hand-frosted plexiglass for diffusion. We used two Advatek PixLite 16 MKII controllers and Touch Designer based software, GeoPix, by Enviral Design to control the lights. In addition to being able to play original video content by Rivera on the dancefloor, the floor is able to be “VJ’d” with the use of a midi controller. This enables the lights and animations to be manually or automatically synced to the music for a unique performance every night.

Concept and Video Content by Ricardo Rivera (Klip Collective)
Hardware design and software configuration by Justin Geller