Fetter and Air by the Mendelssohn Chorus

This was an 8 channel/8 speaker audio installation at the Rail Park. I worked with Dominick DiOrio to organize a piece he wrote using sung and spoken word parts all recorded at home.

FETTER & AIR is an immersive recorded sound installation, a catharsis for 2020, and a chance to feel the power of a live symphonic choral concert virtually, safely, and in the beauty of the outdoors in the heart of the city.   Expressing both grief and hope, this uplifting, ethereal, looping 25-minute virtual chorus performance features the original words of singers from the Mendelssohn Chorus of Philadelphia (MCP), spoken and sung in their own voices, and set to the music of composer Dominick DiOrio, MCP’s artistic director and conductor. The 562 audio files were then mixed, edited, mastered and designed for the 8 speaker sound installation by consultant, producer, musician, and engineer Justin “JG” Geller

Please note that the words in this sound installation contain personal reflections from individuals about their hopes, worries, dreams, fears, anxieties, and joys and that some of these reflections may be potentially triggering for some individuals. 

The premiere installation will take place on Saturday, May 15 and Sunday, May 16, 2021 at The Rail Park, located between 11th and 12th Streets and Noble and Callowhill Streets.

A stereo version of the song was later released on Navona Records You can stream it or listen to it online here.