Sailing the Slow Seas of Smooth

My friends over at Haverford’s VCAM asked me to do an ambient set. I though about a live synth set but I was like “nah. I’ve already done that” So I heard a random song on spotify that inspired me to do an ambient “Yacht Rock” set. It came out even better than I thought it would. It fits into a concept I’ve been working on for a awhile so this seemed like a good way to kick it off.

This was the blurb I wrote for it “This session is the first installment of a larger audio project that reflects on the relationship between sound, emotion, and time. Often the sad times in our life seem to last forever and moments of joy go by in the blink of an eye. What happens if we try to slow down that joy? Make it last longer? I heard a song the other day and I thought, “This just sounds like slowed-down soft rock”. It became the seed of this session. What if I took 70/80s era soft rock (“Yacht Rock”, if you will) and slowed it down to where it was just barely recognizable? What if we removed the drums and banished the singers to space? Let’s find out together.”