I’m Justin Geller but most people call me JG. I compose music, design audio/visual art installations, and generally figure out how to do all the technical stuff you don’t feel like doing to make your awesome stuff even more awesome. I also work with a team of amazing folks who are better than me at other things and we work together to make even bigger, more amazing things.

Short Bio:
Justin “JG” Geller is a Philadelphia-based sound and lighting technical designer and creative technical consultant. He also writes and produces original music and sound-based art for film, video, outdoor installations, and commercial releases. Notable recent sound design projects include Emeka Ogboh’s “Ama The Gathering” (Cleveland Museum of Art) and LOS RAK (Dada Gallery – Marrakech, Morocco), Jenny Sabin’s “The Beacon” (Jefferson University), and Fetter & Air with the Mendelssohn Choir (The Rail Park, Philadelphia). Recent lighting projects with Klip Collective include “End Of Line” a 50-foot long walkway bridge lined with a pixel-mapped lighting grid consisting of over 16,000 individual LEDs and “Light Box” a four-story light installation at the 1501 Arch Building in Philadelphia. Most recently, he was the technical light and audio designer for Klip’s “Night Forms: dreamloop” at Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ. Geller is also the Music and Sound Project Specialist for Monument Lab, a public art and history initiative.

You can contact me at:
Phone: (215) 839-6654

Justin Geller
1241 Carpenter Street
Suite B06
Philadelphia, PA 19147